Kid-led Dutch fight

Thought the Netherlands were born with bike lanes?


Before the 60s, lots of people in Europe were still using either horse-carriages or bicycles to move around. Progressively cars became accessible to all through industrialisation and all European Western countries saw their number of cars increase dramatically. This caused certain dense areas to be extremely congested, polluted and unsafe (just like we do now…). Plenty of accidents occurred and diverse citizen organisations started to denounce the lack of safety of car driving.

In the Netherlands in 1973 only, about 500 kids got killed by drivers. That was too much. Kids of a very dense neighbourhood in Amsterdam wanted their streets back and started a great protest with the help of their parents, and teachers and engineers. In the context of the first oil crisis in 1973, the Dutch government smartly began to give space back to people and cyclists…

Full article from ‘Bicycle Dutch’ here.

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