Hey Londoners!

Do you like to make dreams come true? 

This is what the Dutch wanted as well in 1973!

They experienced a lot of traffic, pollution, crashes and road deaths because of the car industry boom, but also high oil rates and dependence on the Middle-East because of the oil crisis...


So what did the Dutch decide to do?

Protest! Why? They wanted the government to help them get their space back to be able to use their secret weapon they stole from England at the end of the 19th century.

They knew the very special weapon could help them realise all their dreams at the same time!

Oh! Which secret weapon?

The ‘Safety bike’, aka the 'English Roadster'

Invented in England in 1885 by JK Starley, engineer from Walthamstow, London.
75% of the Dutch bikes came from the UK in 1895. This type of bike is now incorrectly called ‘Dutch bike’.

Their superior design allowed everyone, including women, elderly, children, to ride faster and in a safer way than their precedents. They gave the chance to ordinary people, rich and poor alike, to broaden their horizons beyond the neighbourhoods in which they lived and to discover a new-found sense of freedom of movement. They were the symbol of a great societal revolution, especially by asserting women and facilitating the suffrage movement.

Since then, the Dutch people and English bikes never left each other.

Because they can cycle, the Dutch make their dreams come true.

Imagine the positive impact if millions of Londoners would cycle too!

Do you like the idea? Would you like to help?
At the moment, most Londoners now find cycling too

dangerous, complicated and stressful...

From law-makers to cyclists, through officers, engineers, urban designers, planners, councillors... we can all participate in making cycling in London

safe, easy and nice.

Just across the North Sea, the Dutch have a valuable experience of 40 years in perfecting their cycling urban design standards and planning policies, road user education and equipment, laws and regulations!

Browse our catalogue of infographics about cycling behaviours, infrastructure and policies. Spot the differences between London and the Dutch approach. See what can easily be improved in the UK to make cycling as popular for all as in the Netherlands.
Experience the Dutch way of cycling through a number of videos and feel the atmosphere of the cities in the Netherlands. Understand how the Dutch laid-back lifestyle developed and how the Dutch had to fight to keep it.
Help us identify small projects that would have the biggest and quickest positive impact. We want to help creating a better context for everyone in London - from kids to elders - to be able to move around by bike in a safe, easy and nice way.
Discover who we are and how this project has started. Hit Saskia up if you want to ask any question, talk about a project or partnership or if you just want to chat. Follow the project on facebook and twitter and subscribe to the newsletter!

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Dutch Cycling in London
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