Fix My Street PLUS App

What is it about?

Extensions to the great app FixMyStreet.

Inspiration: FixMyStreet that currently makes it possible to report road issues to the whole range of road and public spaces owners that are Councils and Highways England. No need to login on different systems as you want to report problems within different boroughs. And Step-by-step guide by

Why this project?
  • Aside maintenance problems, to report unsafe and unpractical urban design issues that discourage people to walk and cycle (eg No entry roads, too narrow lanes, etc)
  • To follow up with a problem or issue that is not being solve (eg through formal complaints and then claims) . Councils and Highways England have a legal duty to make sure people are safe when on their property. It is the law. Recommended times after reporting are for instance 24h for a pothole deeper than 40mm or 20mm (cycle way) – See Code 0f Practice on maintaining highways here.  For red routes, TfL say that road defects should be repaired within 24 hours, 7 days, or 28 days depending on severity.
For whom?

Everyone that has issues using streets, roads and public spaces in a comfortable, safe and practical way and officers to understand and measure better user issues.

Idea release

July 2017

Tell us more!
  • Why do you like the idea? Is it innovative, useful, easy to put in place?
  • Any suggestions to improve it?
  • How could we make it real? Any people, location or grant in mind?

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A project supported
by the Academy of Urbanism

A project initiated
by Saskia Huizinga


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