Which law to encourage caution and change attitude in regards with vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists?

Preventing is always better than curing. That is why the most important is to design a safe infrastructure for cyclists. But adding to this a law that makes it official that the government is willing to protect vulnerable road users is essential. How does this sit in the UK?


The weak/strong road user rule

The UK is one of the 5 last countries in Europe that does not operate some form of strict presumed liability regime to encourage caution in regards with vulnerable road users. In the Netherlands, in case of accident with a weak road-user (including pedestrians or cyclists), strong road-users (users of a motorised vehicle) are liable for at least 50% of the damages – even though not responsible – 100% if the weak road-user is under 14 years old (article 185 of the Dutch Highway Code).

David vs Goliath end of battle petitions

If you think the UK should catch up with its European peers, here are petitions you can sign:

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