Which training to make sure everyone, including kids, know the code, learn how to move around and cycle in a safe and civilised way?

Politicians can pass laws in terms of education so everyone knows the rules on how to move around safely as a pedestrian and cyclist, from a very early age. They are able to make a big change in terms of road safety. 


Highway Code for everyone

The Highway Code is a compulsory subject for primary school kids during 8 years. It is one of the 58 core goals to learn. Goal 35 about behaviour on the road and as consumer and is part of a larger subject called ‘Orientation of yourself and the World’. This subject is about people and society, nature and technique, space and time. That way everyone is ready to follow the Code from an early age, not only drivers that need to pass exams to get their driving license.

Driver education

The latter learn a lot about how to well behave in regards with cyclists. One of the good practices taught and made famous by the Americans is the ‘Dutch Reach’ to prevent dooring cyclists.

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