Pop-Up High Street Lanes

What is it about?

Setting up pop-up lanes on the most dangerous streets in London Zone 1 that are busy high streets such as Old Street, Clerkenwell and Theobalds Roads, Moorgate, Holborn, City Road and many more.

Inspirations: the many current tactical urbanism projects in the USA such as the pop-up lanes in Macon or Minneapolis.

Why this project?

To prove the adage again ‘If you build them (at the right place), they will ride’. People won’t travel extra distance to get to a semi-safe cycle-highways, because the convenience has already been lost by doing so. Therefore it is a priority to make our high streets safer. To show it is possible to improve our infrastructure fast and at low-cost.

For whom?

For planners ans politicians so they have the evidence on how to invest first the £770 million secured by the Mayor of London.

Idea release

July 2017

Idea release

July 2017

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A project supported
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A project initiated
by Saskia Huizinga


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