#BeAHeroToo Car Magnets

What is it about?

A set of nice magnets for cyclists to set on cars to raise awareness amongst motorists. For instance:

1. I Don’t Park In Bike Lanes

Not only it is against the law if they are marked with a continuous line but more important, I don’t want to compromise the security of cyclists. They help reduce traffic, pollution, noise and much more. #BeAHeroToo

And also:

2. I Leave Enough Space When I Overtake

3. I Look Around Me When I Open My Door

4. I Use My Blinkers When I Turn

Inspiration: #IParkedInABikeLane

Why this project?

To make motorists aware that not only they break the law but they also put cyclist lives in danger. Photos of the cars of drivers breaking the law can be shared on social media with the #BeAHeroToo.

For whom?

For cyclists that have enough of being ignored and want to express themselves in a non-violent way and, motorists that need a refresher on the highway code, the protection of the environment and good manners.

Idea release

July 2017

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