Help us identify small projects that would have the biggest and quickest positive impact. We want to help creating a better context for everyone in London - from kids to elders - to be able to move around by bike in a safe, easy and nice way.


Diffusing the Dutch expertise in London

These are ideas on sharing the expertise the Dutch have built over of 40 years in cycling urban design standards and planning policies, road user education and equipment, laws and regulations.

Encouraging more people to cycle in London

These are ideas on helping people cycling in London to improve their safety and comfort, and ability to encourage other people to cycle too.

Improving London cycling infrastructure

These are ideas on improving London infrastructure for all in the short-term.

Creating, adapting and applying regulations in London

These are ideas on making regulations fairer and better respected.

Your own idea!

Tell us your ideas on how to help make London more cycle-friendly and eventually more sustainable.

Dutch Cycling in London Project

Tell us what you think of the project generally, how we could improve it and if you would like to help us.

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Dutch Cycling in London
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A project supported
by the Academy of Urbanism

A project initiated
by Saskia Huizinga


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